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Ashley Cole narrowly escapes ex Cheryl’s bandmates

London, August 6 (ANI): Ashley Cole just managed to dodge the wrath of his former wife, Cheryl’s bandmates whey they almost ran into each other on a night out in a club, on Saturday.

The footballer was out at posh Rose Club in west London with a group of mates when Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh turned up.

The Chelsea left back and the pop star split in 2010 amid allegations that he cheated, and good friends Nicola and Kimberley have been protective over Cheryl ever since.

The girls were celebrating Kimberley’s sister Sally’s birthday.

Luckily, the 29-year-old singer had decided to spend the evening catching up on Olympics coverage instead.

Sally had reserved two of the best booths in the nightclub for her celebrations – just three tables from where Ashley and his group were sitting.

As soon as the 31-year-old’s friend informed him of the girls’ arrival, he dived to the back of his booth and tried to keep his head down.

“Ashley and his group were already settled in when the girls arrived,” the Sun quoted a source as saying.

“One of his friends saw them coming through the door and headed over straight away to warn him. He knows that Nicola and Kimberley are two of Cheryl’s closest friends and that it would not be a good idea for them to cross paths.

“Fortunately, the girls’ group was very tipsy and just concentrating on having a good time. Nicola and Kimberley both have long-term boyfriends. That means they weren’t heading off round the club trying to find boys to chat to so they didn’t realise he was there for a while,” the source said.

Ashley finally got clocked after a couple of the singers’ friends spotted him heading back to his booth after a quick dash across the dancefloor.

They broke the news to the Girls Aloud bandmates just as they were leaving the club at 2.30am. (ANI)