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Olympic officials under fire for spending $69k on lunch

New York, August 5 (ANI): A photograph of a London restaurant’s receipt, circulating online, has sparked controversy as 15 Olympic “bosses” are said to have racked up a bill of a staggering 69,469 dollars on lunch.

The receipt, first posted on Reddit and picked up by the website Eater, lists a pretty normal tally of chicken, ice cream and vegetable fried rice, then a 29,500 dollar bottle of Hennessy 1853 cognac, the New York Daily News reported.

The authenticity of the bill hasn’t been verified yet and there’s a lot of missing information on the receipt, including the name of the eatery and, there’s no way of knowing who actually picked up the tab – a private person or an expense account.

There’s also a question about the considerable markup on the Hennessy, as according to the Atlantic Wire, one Hennessey was sold at Christie’s for about 1,500 dollars in 2004.

The Reddit user, who first posted the receipt, said that it came from a waiter friend who claimed that the customers were Olympic officials. That person has since deleted his account on the site.

The lunch cost also included a handsome tip that was earned by the waiter – about 7,700 dollars. (ANI)