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Team Anna cannot be alternative to BJP: NitinGadkari

New Delhi, Aug 4 (): BJP President Nitin Gadkari on Friday said that his party has not taken the decision of Narendra Modi being the party’s choice for the Prime Ministerial post. Gadkari added that he has decided on the issue of NDA Prime Ministerial candidate with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and some of the party supporters as well.

“I have already made clear that we have not taken a decision regarding the Prime Ministerial candidate. I told Nitish Kumar that being a part of the NDA he will be informed about who should be the candidate. Untill then we shall wait, as discussing before that is irrelevant,” said Gadkari.

It was believed the Bihar chief minister had expressed his unwillingness to Gadkari regarding the NDA’s choice of selecting Modi as their Prime Ministerial candidate.

“If Modi’s and our ideas were similar, we would have been one party by now, said the BJP president.

However, Gadkari pointed towards Kumar and his party and said that it is not possible for Kumar to join hands with the congress when he said that the Bihar Chief Minister is a follower of Ram Manohar Lohia a staunch critic of Congress.

On the other hand while the BJP president was asked about Team Anna’s movement and its decision to form a political party, Gadkari said “We don’t consider Anna Hazare as our alternative. The alternative to one is the next one, as the alternative to Congress is BJP.

Gadkari also added by saying that Anna Hazare is not a politician but a social worker. Nitin Gadkari said the BJP had supported Team Anna at their previous agitation that was held last yesr, but not now as they no more need the party’s support.

He said Team Anna is not quite capable to become an alternative to the BJP. The party has no fear against any newly formed political alternative.