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Maruti Suzuki Japs seek Vaastu consultant to solve Manesar problem

Bangalore, Aug 1 () : In a yet another Hindutuva connect (earlier being Modi), Japanese car maker Maruti Suzuki has sought the help of a vedic astrologer from Bangalore (BJP-ruled State), Deivajna K N Somayaji.

To those unaware of Vastu Shastra, Wikipedia defines it as Vastu shastra, also vastu veda and vastuvidya, “science of construction”, “architecture”) that is an ancient doctrine which consists of precepts born out of a traditional view on how the laws of nature affect human dwellings.

According to unconfirmed reports, the sprawling 600 acres of land on which the Manesar plant has been constructed, is said to have once served as a Muslim burial ground. Three temples, which existed in the 600 acres were demolished to set up the plant. However, there was no confirmation of this from Maruti officials.

Deivajna K N Somayaji remedy is that corrections in construction must be done to ensure that the problem does not spread to other units. He has held a few meetings with the company officials. Somayaji started his work on Sunday and is scheduled to visit the Manesar plant which is 17 km from Gurgaon for many more times to complete the job.

Plant A as per vaastu is ok as it was doing considerably well and the company was raking in profits. But Plant B where labour issues and production related problems surfaced witnessed brutal violence resulting in a senior HR executive being killed and nearly 100 employees injured.

The latest problem is that more than the workers, it is the executives of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd who were injured in the 18 July assault by workers who do not want to come back to the car maker’s Manesar plant. They are refusing to rejoin work, which is possibly delaying the resumption of production at the factory.

Maruti has asked Suzuki Powertrain India Ltd, its engine and transmission unit,  to cut by 50% its production till further notice which means the lock out period will prolong.