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Delhi police warns Team Anna as Kejriwal’s health deteriorates

New Delhi, Aug 1 (): Delhi police on Wednesday advised Team Anna requesting it to get Arvind Kejriwal and two other fasting activists to be hospitalized immediately.

The Delhi Police asked the team to heed the medical advice given by the team of doctors attending to them and warned that the organizers will be responsible if anything untoward happens to them.

Kejriwal, whose health deteriorated along with that of Gopal Rai on the eighth day of their fast, requested the other protestors to get him out of the facility if he is forcibly taken to the hospital.

Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal admitted they suspect there is a plan to take the activists to hospital in order to end the fast for a strong Lokpal.

Information are running high that Kejriwal will be taken by force in the night, which Team Anna said this is the conspiracy of the government and they do not believe in government-run hospitals. “We have some doctors present in our agitation, we believe them. Earlier the government was ready to talk to us, but now they are against any dialogue. This government will talk to separatists, with Maoists and Pakistan which supplies terrorists to us, but not with us, “said Team Anna.

We request the police that if they are being ordered from the higher authorities, then just imagine this protest is not for the sake of stomach but for the country. The government is not provided with sufficient personnel and police to put all of us into the jail, said Kejriwal.

Team Anna members Kejriwal, Rai and Sisodia were advised by the doctors to immediately be hospitalized, but they refused. Kejriwal is diabetic and is feeling weak

Team Anna today pleaded Kejriwal and Rai to give up the hunger strike owing to their health condition, but they refused by saying that till the demands are met, will continue with the hunger strike.