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Railway minister Mukul Roy under attack, after Tamil Nadu Express tragedy

New Delhi, July 31 (): Railway Minister Mukul Roy is under tremendous pressure following yesterday’s major train accident and fourth in a year in which 28 people were charred beyond identification. The Tamil Nadu Express fire that took place in the wee hours of Monday morning has raised big questions on railway safety.

Mr Mukul Roy has been blamed by the Congress party for failing in his responsibilities and also spending too much time in Kolkata. “Our Railway Minister has no other job except sitting in Kolkata and going around Mamata Banerjee and keep on following only her instructions. He has failed in his responsibilities by abandoning his rail office. If he prefers only to go around Mamata then what is the need to be the Railway Minister, let him resign his job and do what Didi commands. If he continues the same then such rail tragedy will be repeated often,” said West Bengal Congress leader Adhir Chaudhury.

The Tamil Nadu Express which came under fire when a sleeper coach caught fire due to a short circuit, near Nellore in Andhra Pradesh in the wee hours at 4.30 am on Monday took five minutes for the train to be brought to a halt, by then most of the passengers who were fast asleep were trapped in the fire and smoke.

Bodies that were found near the doors raised queries whether the passengers could not escape as the door were jammed. Above all our train services lack in adequate firefighting equipments, Monday’s tragedy revealed that big safety loophole.

A number of questions were raised whether the Railways are adequately equipped with manpower to put an end to such incidents from being repeated, said Mr Chaudhury.  “The leaders in West Bengal give big lectures and assurances on railway and other projects, but nothing comes to practice,” he added.

Four major train accidents have occurred this year. Though the Railway officials blame short-circuit for the fire accident, multiple versions are emerging with many questions still remaining unanswered.