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Rajesh Khanna leaves nothing for Dimple Kapadia in his property

Mumbai, July 30 (): Rajesh Khanna, Bollywood’s first superstar, who passed away a few days back, has left behind a huge property, which according to his will has nothing for his separated wife Dimple Kapadia after his demise.

Rajesh Khanna popularly known as ‘Kaka’ has written all his property to his two daughters Twinkle Khanna Kumar and Rinke Khanna Saharan. Dimple Kapadia was living away from Kaka since they were separated from each other in 1984. Khanna died of cancer in his Mumbai home on July 19 at age 69.

Reports say Rajesh Khanna had written the will just a couple of weeks before his death. In the will, he has named his two daughters to be the owners of the property, his bank accounts and liquidity investments.

Rajesh had a perception of his death and so he prepared his will about the distribution of his property after his death. The drafted will was read out in the presence of Rajesh Khanna himself, ex-wife Dimple Kapadia, his daughters, son-in-law Akshay Kumar, family doctor Dileep Walvekar and close friends.

Sources say, Rajesh Khanna was so fragile and weak that his hands were shivering while signing the will but to safe guard his will from future complications, that someone may challenge the will, the ailing actor also gave his thumb impressions on the will and the entire process was shot on camera.

Kaka’s most visible property is Ashirwad, the mansion in Bandra which he preferred to be transformed into a museum. Conscious of his contributions to Indian cinema he wanted future to know about him by visiting his museum. The museum would contain his personal articles such as clothes, cars and related stuff.

Rajesh Khanna married Dimple Kapadia in March 1973 but separated in 1984 and since then they lived alone for years, though they weren’t divorced. Dimple deserted Khanna when latter went into heavy drinking. They both got into mutual understanding after years of separation. Dimple was near her husband and took care of her ailing husband during his last phase of life.