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Olympic tickets back on sale to end embarrassment of empty seats

London, July 30 (): Organisers Locog has put on more Olympic tickets from official groups on sale to public after blame over empty seats at Olympic venues arose.

So, thousands of sports fans who did not get Olympic tickets still have opportunity to watch the Games as the unused tickets will be re-sold.

A report said primarily 3,000 tickets – including 600 gymnastics tickets, 700 for beach volleyball and more than 100 for swimming – were brought under sale and has sold them on the London 2012 website on Sunday night. More tickets which were returned by sports federations would be released the night before each event, Locog added.

On a first come, first served basis, the tickets will be sold through the official London 2012 website.

The sight of complete blocks of seating which remained empty during some of the most popular events has provoked a huge reaction among the public, and the organisers are scrambling to find ways of filling them.

At some places, the seats in the official “Olympic family” areas – which were held in reserve for groups for sports federations, officials, athletes, sponsors and journalists – have remained empty.

Some sport events had full houses – like the archery at Lord’s, boxing arena at Excel or even shooting at the Royal Artillery Barracks ranges, which are way out of the city – but not all the stadium has been getting the rush expected.

On Sunday, Lord Moynihan, the British Olympic Association (BOA) chairman has suggested a “half-hour rule” where unused seats could be given to fans waiting outside the stadiums if they weren’t taken up in 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron said the empty seats in the auditorium were “disappointing” but not “an exclusive episode” with other previous Games facing the same problems.

Jackie Brock-Doyle, director of Locog communications said organisers were doing everything they could do to fix the problem.