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Anna on a fast unto death till govt passes Lokpal

New Delhi, July 30 (): Social activist Anna Hazare on Sunday started his indefinite hunger strike against corruption in New Delhi and termed that he is not going to end the fast till the government fulfils for a strong Jan Lokpal Bill.

Three Team Anna members Arvind Kejriwal, Manis Sisodia and Gopal Rai including 350 others are on a hunger strike since Wednesday, the day they began their indefinite hunger strike. Anna has not taken food accept water, said his team members.

While addressing the rally Hazare alleged,” I am not feared of death, I feel extremely proud to sacrifice my life for a cause like this. People shall not allow me to die, till the Jan Lokpal bill is introduced in the parliament,” said the seventy-five year old anti-crusader.

The crowd which kept on flowing throughout the day witnessed a large number of people gathering in the fasting venue. Hazare’s twelve day long fast in the month of Aug last year compelled the centre to get working on a Lokpal Bill.

Anna alleged people no more remember the word ‘Swaraj’. “There was a time when the politicians were recognized as servants and the people as owners, but now everything has gone upside down, the people were treated as servants and they became the owners,” said hazare with a loud applause from his supporters.

“This movement is for awakening the people who are on deep sleep,” said Hazare. Anna Hazare did not agree with the accusation that Team Anna are trying to deviate from its goal of making the Jan Lokpal Bill to get pass in the parliament. Hazare also assured that as long as the fifteen corrupted members are there in the parliament Janlok pal bill will not be passed.

In response to Anna’s hunger strike, Congress party general secretary Digvijay Singh stated “As the other members of Team Anna proved their inability to gather support, they pushed Anna in”.

On the other hand following the strike since Wednesday, fifteen people were taken to hospital in order to get medical assistance as their health condition is worsening.