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Ajith to do a cameo with Sridevi in English Vinglish

Mumbai, July 30 (): Ajith will be seen performing a cameo role in the Tamil version of Sridevi’s much awaited film English Vinglish, directed by Gauri Shinde, wife of R.Balki.

The main scenes of English Vinglish would be the same in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions, except the ‘man who travels with Sridevi in the plane’ would be Amitabh Bachchan in Hindi and Ajith in Tamil-Telugu. Ajith shoots for the film next week.

The story of the movie revolves in such a way that Sridevi’s character is on the way to the US for the first time. She gets a chance to meet a stranger in the flight with whom she has a long and deep conversation at the intermission point of the film. Big B had happily done that cameo role in the Hindi film.

It sounds that Big B has been replaced by another actor in the last-minute in the Tamil version.

When the film’s producer Balki was asked about this last-minute change, he said Big B makes an appearance for just 3 minutes, at a very important juncture in the film and he provides the thesis, essence, the philosophy of the film.

In his scenes, Amitabh summarises that any language, at the end of the day should only be given the importance it deserves. Now if we have the Big B doing Tamil, it would become another linguistic debate altogether.

So, the makers decided to replace the Big B’s portion with Ajith, but they feel it is a pity that they had to remove Big B’s scenes in Tamil and Telugu.

Sources say Ajith, who is a fan of Sridevi, took the offer without thinking twice when the offer came his way. The role he plays in English Vinglish is small but a powerful role.

English Vinglish film also marks the comeback movie of yesteryear’s sensational beauty Sridevi. Priya Anand plays a vital role in the movie, which is the first movie for the debutant director Gauri Shinde, produced by R.Balki.

The film will hit the screens on 21st Sep in Hindi along with Tamil and Telugu versions.