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Brits feign ‘marriages’ to bag an upgrade on holiday, finds survey

London, July 29 (ANI): A majority of Britons have lied about being engaged, or on honeymoon, in order to bag an upgrade on holiday, according to a survey.

A new study by lastminute.com has revealed that nearly a quarter, or 23 percent of Britons, made false claims about being engaged or married to get an upgrade, whether it be for a deluxe suite or business class plane seats during a holiday.

“With so many bold Britons negotiating for an upgraded experience at the last minute, there’s a clear demand for luxury without the price tag,” the Daily Mail quoted Mark Maddock, Managing Director of lastminute.com UK and Ireland, as saying.

“The good news is, at lastminute.com we offer everyone the honeymoon treatment and have a range of hotel rooms that offer a five star experience with a three-star price tag,” she added.

The survey showed that the practice is so popular as an additional 11.5 million marriages in the UK were found to be fake, which indicated a 42 percent increase on the actual number of bona fide UK nuptials of 27.1 million. (ANI)