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Anna Hazare ready to die again

Chennai, July 29 (): The self styled Gandhian wearing Congress cap Mr. Anna Hazare has started his second innings to dislodge Congress Government and install RSS controlled BJP Government. By the words of Hazare one is mislead to understand that he is keeping equal distance from both Congress and BJP. However the people have started to realise that both Congress party and BJP are on the two sides of the same coin.

This time the  indefinite fast or fast unto death  by Anna has no taker. People are busy and are fed up with the unsuccessful attempts of Anna team. The crowd has not swelled for the current event. The organisers are angry with the media too since the crowd circle was lesser than the camera lenses.Olympics will attract more TV viewers than the Anna Drama.

Mr Anna Hazare has also declared

“Till we get Jan Lokpal, the countrymen will not allow me to die.”

No one knows who are those country men. If Anna has to survive, Lok Pal should be implemented with all provisions dictated by Anna team. That is not going to happen. By Gods grace Mr Anna will survive. No one can wish a person to die by fast. Then what is this riddle of Gandhian method of struggle which threatens and blackmail for a death for something which cannot be achieved in Indian conditions? Why such threats from Delhi get media attention while the starvation death in rural India go un-reported?

Will Anna undertake fast against wastage of food grains in the rat sheds of Food corporation of India?

Will he defend the local industries and commerce by undertaking fast against foreign entry in insurance, retail markets etc? Has Anna learnt only the method of fast from Gandhi? What about neo colonial economy and rule by foreigners by proxy?

If we dive into the truth we can understand that Anna will never continue his fast unto death and corruption will never be rooted out by Strong or Weak Lok Pal.


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When sinful rupees flow
From pocket to pocket
It leaves a stain
Hard to wash
Who cares, It is covered.

The rotten smell of the minds
Can never be removed
From the hands and the machines
Counting the notes.

In the secret banks
Overflowing at distant lands
The blood of the poor
Chased from their homes
Are wrongly accounted
And lavishly drunk
By heartless mouths.

How much is it?
The rulers cannot measure
As they are either empty scales
Or unmarked or non standard.

No one can say whether
Money is inside the mind
Or mind is inside the money
Both can be hidden
And deceitful
Only to be revealed
To the accountant angels
Appointed by God.