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GTF,BTF and TAG to protest against Mahinda Rajapaksa’s presence at Olympic Inaugural

London, July 27 (): The Independent newspaper reports that Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa is scheduled to take part in the inaugural event of London Olympics 2012. This has sparked widespread protest from the Tamil community at United Kingdom.

Suren Surendiran, representing Global Tamil Forum (GTF), said they were looking at possible legal avenues they could pursue against the Sri Lankan delegation when they arrive in Britain.

Suren added that the Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa might be getting away from being arrested by hiding behind the cover of being a head of state, anyone else joining him with blood in their hands must know that the Tamil community at the United Kingdom will deploy the full breath of the available legal instruments against them.

 Jan Jananayagam, of Tamils Against Genocide (TAG) stated that there is convincing evidence that Sri Lankan government is responsible for ethnically motivated crimes against humanity and continuing persecution of other ethnic and religious groups in Sri Lanka.

He went on to add that they have released a report this week showing how government institutions such as the police and military under his command are involved in a systematic network of politically motivated disappearances as well as abduction for ransom.

Britain and Canada have been the two most accepted places for Tamil refugees and critics of the  genocidal Sri Lankan regime due to which the Britain’s Tamil community had frequent and close links to Tamil nationalists.

British Tamil Forum (BTF) has appealed to all Tamil people to participate in the protest campaign organized against arrival of President Rajapaksa. The protest demonstration is planned opposite side of the Billingsgate fish market at the Aspen Street that would begin at 5pm in the evening and go on till 9pm.

The BTF has released a statement that says, ‘War criminal president Rajapaksa has already visited United Kingdom twice. He is preparing to visit United Kingdom to take part in the opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympics to challenge the Tamil people once again which has yet again posed a historic challenge. Our people need to chase away the war criminal from this country.’

It may be recalled that hundreds of protesters and Tamil activists gathered outside a hotel in Park Lane and brought traffic to a halt when Rajapaksa visited Britain to attend Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II in June this year.

Following large-scale protests by the Tamil community, Rajapaksa was forced to cancel his keynote speech at the special Diamond Jubilee meeting at the Commonwealth Economic Forum in London.