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Imogen complains of unwanted attention as she spills out of bikini top

London, July 26 (ANI): Imogen Thomas, who is known for her attention-seeking ways and often ‘just happens’ to be spotted in a bikini by paparazzi, suggestively licked an ice lolly while showing off her curves in a string bikini on Tuesday afternoon.

The former ‘Big Brother’ star did little to sway the attention away from herself as she wore just a tiny pair of denim hot pants and a bikini top with wedges.

To garner even more looks she sat on a park bench in the sun with a friend as she toyed with the lolly in her mouth.

However, earlier in the day the 29-year-old model took to Twitter to complain about the amount of attention she was getting from male passersby, despite later encouraging them with her skimpy get-up.

“When the sun comes out the slimeballs come out! Jeeeeeez!!!!” the Daily Mail quoted her as tweeting.

Although she can hardly blame their looks as she flaunted her body for all to see during a stroll through a London park.

But she took to Twitter again on Wednesday morning to insist she was merely complaining when she got sleazy looks while covered up in a maxi dress.

“How do ppl sunbathe…? In a baggy jumper or in a bikini?! Hmmm…!!!!!!!!!!

“When I called some guys ‘slimeballs’ yesterday it was @ 9am ish!! When I had a full maxi dress on!!! Not @ the park in my bikini! Peace xxxx,” she tweeted.

But despite feeling uncomfortable with the lecherous behaviour when she had more clothes on, it did little to deter her stripping more later in the day.

Imogen, who is infamous for bedding footballer Ryan Giggs, wore her brunette hair scraped back into a bun as she wore sunglasses and tottered along carrying her staple leather bag.

She then decided to refresh herself by treating her and a friend to a colourful ice lolly each, which just happened to co-ordinate nicely with her swimwear.

But the reality TV star was clearly in a jovial mood as she laughed out loud with her pal and seemed to lick the lolly so obviously on purpose.

After resting their legs for a bit the girls then got back on their feet as they finished their ices while slowly strolling around the park. (ANI)