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More Olympics mess looms as UK tube staff to go on work-to-rule regime despite bonuses

London, July 25 (ANI): London underground workers, some of whom who have even received Olympic-linked bonuses of up to 1,000 pounds, are set to go on a work-to-rule regime from Friday when the sporting event begins.

According to the Daily Mail, union leaders announced that the workers have been instructed to not work more than the minimum required in their contracts in an Olympic-related dispute.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union, which represents thousands of Tube staff, said it was in dispute over implementing an Olympics pay deal, as well as the use of casual workers.

The RMT’s South West Trains members, including train drivers, will refuse to do any overtime or work on a ‘rest day’ from Friday until August 12.

Workers insist they are furious they are not getting a bonus for working during the Games.

South West Trains, owned by Stagecoach, dismissed this claim, insisting that workers were given an inflation-busting pay rise of 4.75 percent just a few months ago.

Similarly, staff on key suburban rail routes to Games sites in London and Weymouth will also begin disruptive action.

The moves come as a shocking new analysis reveals the number of working days lost to strikes is escalating dramatically.

Ministers are now considering taking court action over Public and Commercial Services Union leader Mark Serwotka’s decision to call a 24-hour strike by Heathrow staff.

The possibility of an order to block the strike came following a letter to the union from Home Secretary Theresa May, describing the planned walkout as ‘opportunist and wholly unjustified’. (ANI)