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New messaging device lets you send long-distance smooch

London, July 23 (ANI): If you’re missing your partner and fancy a smooch , a new messaging device can help you fulfil your wish.

The device dubbed Kissenger and unveiled at the Designing Interactive Systems conference in Newcastle, UK, in June, lets users send kisses wirelessly to one another.

Developed by Singapore-based Lovotics, Kissenger comprises a pair of pressure-sensitive soft plastic lips, which protrude through a smooth plastic casing the size of a large Easter egg.

The lips contain pressure sensors and actuators. When you kiss them, the shape changes you create are transmitted in real time over the net to a receiving Kissenger.

There, the actuators reproduce the mirror image of the pressure patterns you created- magically transmitting your smacker to your partner.

“People have found it a very positive way to improve intimacy in communications with their partners when they are apart,” New Scientist quoted Hooman Samani of Lovotics, as saying.

The device is a prototype and Samani said it would not be commercialised until “all the ethical and technical considerations are covered”.

Also he has pointed that he’s not interested in sexual uses for it. (ANI)