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Satyamev Jayate episode 12 : Aamir Khan talks about water crisis

New Delhi, July 22 (): Satyamev Jayate episode 12 dealt with the terrible water problems in the county. India is one of the cradles of civilisation, where the Indus Valley Civilisation has formed and the nation lie in one of the most fertile region. In spite of, the country lying in the water-blessed regions in the world, water-scarcity is a constant problem here.

To start with the show, Aamir gave basic information about the severe shortage of water in certain areas of India. Then, he came to the point and asked a simple question to the audience.

A series of visuals shot from Delhi, Maharashtra and some more states highlighted the severe water shortage. The show became more miserable when Aamir revealed that a 14-year-old boy called Sunil was killed during one of the struggles for water.

Anupam Mishra, water conservation activist and environmentalist stated some tough facts about the problems connected to the water shortage. He described about the Indian mind-set in very appropriate words. He said that Indians worship our rivers but we are not ready to keep it clean.

The present condition of the national capital of India was brought to light. Delhi looked very grim when it was revealed that of the total 1400 km length of Yamuna, 600 kms are already disappeared. The assembled audience was visibly shocked.

Aamir Khan pointed out that this has happened due to the industrialisation happening around this river.

Aamir also revealed Chennai was suffering from the same problem till some years ago but IAS officer Shanta Sheela Nair’s precautionary measures have reduced the problem to some extent. She made it compulsory to install the rain water harvesting system, with the help of the state government.

She forced the law that within a year all houses and industries had to connect rain water harvesting systems. There was resistance for the move at first, but later the system has shown a lot of improvement in Chennai’s water woes.

The show was concluded saying water resources need to be restored and rescued by one and all.