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NCP skip UPA meet, Sharad Pawar threatened to resign

New Delhi, July 20 (): Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar and his party’s Praful Patel on Thursday denied attending a cabinet meeting and also threatened to resign after they had a kind of misunderstanding with the ruling  congress government.

The leaders from the Nationalist Congress Party admitted “The congress is not aware how to run a coalition government” said Mr Patel who refused having been submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The NCP who has nine Lok Sabha MPs is a member of the UPA and is united with the ruling coalition run by the congress in the centre. It also associates with the Congress in the state government in Maharashtra.

Close sources said that the NCP leaders were waiting for long after voting was held on Thursday for the President of India as a mark of respect to the coalition that they belong to.

After Pranab Mukherjee’s resignation as finance minister, Defence Minister AK Antony was made to sit next to the Prime Minister at cabinet meetings, the seat which usually is reserved for the second-most senior member of the government.

Altogether four cabinet meetings were held, in which in the first two meeting Pawar occupied the seat next to the PM, then gradually the change in the seating system took place in which Mr Antony has been seated by the PM’s side, thus created differences among the coalition group.

Pawar was also upset as he was not invited in the high-level cabinet committee for security reason. The ruling congress party has not thought necessary to inform Mr Pawar regarding the new seating arrangements after Mukherjee’s resignation from the cabinet.

It is not that about who is perceived as or treated No.1 or No.2, but the congress should at least know the basic civility to inform the partner about the new arrangement, said the leaders from the NCP.

As a result the NCP did not attend the UPA session called to announce Hamid Ansari as the coalition’s candidate for vice-president.