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Indian fishermen in UAE stunned by ‘unprovoked’ US navy firing in Dubai waters

Dubai, July 19 (ANI): Indian fishermen in Dubai have said that they have been left stunned after the deadly shooting of a local fishing boat by a US Navy ship.

They said there is no precedent of such an incident despite local fishing boats and US Navy ships being present on occasions at the same time in waters off Dubai.

“We’re baffled how this could’ve happened, I’ve been fishing off Dubai for 32 years and there’s never even been a close call,” Gulf News quoted an Indian fisherman, as saying.

“I don’t think any warning was given, there’s been some big tragic blunder. We fishermen and navy ships frequently spot each other, we sometimes share the same general location,” he added.

Another Indian fisherman said he has not heard of such an incident in his 15-year local fishing experience.

“We never think about this happening to us because it has never happened before and isn’t likely to happen again,” the paper quoted him, as saying.

“How can a tiny fishing boat be a threat to a giant navy ship? How can you mistake fishermen as a threat when there’s technology and intelligence to keep track of everyone out at sea?,” he added.

One Indian crew member of the small motorboat was killed and three others badly hurt when the US ship opened fire in waters off Jebel Ali port on Monday.

American officials defended their action, saying the ship fired on the boat after it ignored warnings to stay back. (ANI)