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Veena Malik to seek forgiveness during Ramzaan

Karachi, July 18 (ANI): Veena Malik will be appearing on a show ‘Astaghfaar’ during the holy month of Ramzan to seek forgiveness for her sins.

When the promo for her show made the rounds on the internet on Monday evening, a large chunk of internet commenters were appalled.

“I am Veena Malik. In the entire month of Ramazan, I will seek forgiveness for my sins and yours, with you on Hero TV,” the Express tribune quoted her as saying.

She said this with a slightly quivering lip and tear-streaked cheek.

Hero TV is a new infotainment channel that airs what the awaam demands. The producer of “Astaghfaar” explained that after Veena approached the team for a Ramazan show, a poll was conducted online.

The poll asked the question: who is the sinner of all sinners? The options were siyasatdaan (politicians), police walay, Veena Malik and gharib awaam (the poor).

For those who think Veena is a brave voice in a country where such voices are stifled, “Astaghfaar” may be disappointing.

As the idea of religion in Pakistan is fast becoming idealistic and almost elitist, Veena’s Ramazan transmission is going to open some space, pushing boundaries far enough to take away religion from the hands of the selected few. (ANI)