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Ramdev joins hands with Anna for the Aug 9 agitation

New Delhi, July17 ():Baba Ramdev and anti-crusader Anna Hazare once again decided to join hands with each other to knock down the ruling Congress government for its inability to deal with corruption and black money.

While addressing a joint conference, Baba Ramdev said that he shall go on a nationwide protest from Aug 9 onwards in order to demand action on corruption and to pass a strong Lokpal Bill.

” The ruling government had been disloyal on Lokpal. What is the fear in bringing a strong Lokpal Bill? Why are they not bringing back the black money hidden abroad? That is because half of the ministers are corrupt and hate going to jail.”

Ramdev admitted that Anna will be the biggest supporter of the movement. The Yoga guru also stated that he will decide on contesting the 2014 general elections after the agitation that is scheduled for next month in New Delhi.

“Now my attention is towards bringing back the black money from abroad for the purpose of a strong Lokpal Bill. If people all over the country support our movement I shall think of joining politics,” said Baba to reporters.

Baba who is in the city to gather support for the August 9 agitation that will be conducted in Delhi under the guidance of Bharat Swabhiman Sangathan, that will be  carried out by Team Anna said “we are not quite sure when the agitation will end”.

Ramdev added by saying that permitting the FDI in retail sector is of no use, only the foreign companies will be benefitted by doing so.

In spite of being insulted by the Congress, Ramdev has good links with UPA allies, as well as the opposition NDA.

Baba said that he had met with members from 18 districts of Maharashtra on Monday and shared all the plans and received their opinion. Baba said that he is grateful to Anna for supporting the organization and he is sure that there is no conflict between them and any member of Team Anna.