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Lenovo launches ThinkCentre M72e and ThinkCentre M92p, world’s smallest desktop PCs

July 17 (): Lenovo, India’s major PC seller continues to toughen its product collection for the enterprise section by launching ThinkCentre M72e and ThinkCentre M92p – tiny desktop PCs. The M72e and M92p provide superior performance with starting price of Rs.23,500 for M72e while the M92p comes at Rs.26,500.

Key features of the ThinkCentre M72e:

• The ThinkCentre M72e Tiny desktop has VESA mount, which provides support for multiple mounting options.
• Cisco Energy Wise and Desktop Power Manger (DPM) manage power consumption, it offers high-efficiency (80%) power supply units for increased energy savings
• Has 3rd generation Intel Core processors and up to Intel i5
• Has the latest connectivity options like Wi Fi, Bluetooth
• Up to 16GB of 1600MHz DDR3 memory
• Has Lenovo Enhanced Experience 3 with RapidBoot HDD Accelerator technology which makes the start-up time faster

Key features of the M92p:

• Has most recent 3rd generation Intel Core processors having VPro power
• Shows up to 3 individual displays or mosaic quad display without using any additional graphic support.
• Has USB 3.0, Wi Fi and Bluetooth options
• Up to 16Gb 1600MHz DDR memory
• Has Opal SSC standard encryption technology

The devices are small, having the dimensions of 1.4-inches x 7.1-inches x 7-inches. The PCs have a rough metal enclosure. And, it is the first of its type that copes to pack in Intel vPro along with 3rd generation Intel Core CPUs, which means dual or quad-core core i5 processors and better.

The ThinkCentre M72e and M92p are priced at Rs. 23,500 and Rs. 26,500 respectively for the basic specifications. The above mentioned rates are exclusive of taxes.

Trends in the market of the PC industry propose that a growing number of businesses now prefer PCs that take in less space and use less energy yet accomplish at optimal levels, it added.