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Guwahati molestation: Police believe TV reporter to be involved

Guwahati, July 17 (): The government of Assam has promised the central government that it will take speedy action against all the culprits who are responsible for the incident of molestation of a young girl on July9 that was recorded live on a video by a reporter of a local channel.

After  Union home secretary RK Singh called Assam Director General of police, JN Choudhury to inquire about the ongoing investigation into the incident,  the DGP said that the whole incident was recorded by a reporter who is also believed to be involved in the case some or other way and will be questioned and possibly arrested.

The minister is understood to have informed the DGP to hasten the investigation and arrest all those who were involved in the case. Till now, seven arrests have been made by the police.

The government of Assam has comprised a special investigation team headed by an SP, as well as a lady officer for speeding up the investigation and arrest the remaining accused involved in the incident.

The DGP has directed a DIG-rank officer to inspect the ongoing investigation of the SIT and report him day to day incident, said sources.

The state of Assam has planned for a state level inquiry by additional chief secretary Emily Chowdhury. It is a matter of great concern that the police whom the people trust have lost its reputation by bringing bad name to the whole force. The shameful incident that took place on July9 could have been averted had the police reached the spot within few minutes, a senior MHA official said.

Senior superintendent of police Apurba Jiban Barua has been transferred to Dibrugarh as the molestation incident occurred under his jurisdiction. The officer will be replaced by SP Arabinda Kalita who is bound to take charge of SSP Guwahati.

In order to make sure that such an incident will not be repeated the state government has strictly ordered all the bar owners in the city to install CCTV cameras and also to place a private security guard in the gate of the bar as preventive measures.