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Why do young women dress like lap dancers, says actress Joanna Lumley

London, July 16 (ANI): Joanna Lumley, the star of British television series ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, has asked women to stop going out in ‘practically nothing’ and instead take inspiration from the graceful Duchess of Cambridge.

The 66-year-old has criticised young women who take their fashion inspiration from such “reality” television programmes as ‘The Only Way Is Essex’.

“A lot of people have started to dress like lap dancers, and I don’t know why,” the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

“Everyone is judged so intensely by their appearance, but we’ve got to stop thinking that to look lovely you’ve got to go out in practically nothing.

“I think the Duchess of Cambridge sets a wonderful example,” she said.

The actress, who plays the ageing fashion victim Patsy Stone in the sitcom ‘Absolutely Fabulous’, said that it was possible to look fabulous without revealing much.

“She is beautiful and graceful, and elegant beyond belief. Our young ones should know they don’t have to take more off to look dazzling,” she added. (ANI)