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Waterfall-like rain kills at least 28 in southern Japan

Tokyo, July 16 (): Extremely heavy rains have forced hundreds of people to escape the massive flooding and at least 28 dead in southwest Japan. The evacuated people were able to return home by Monday, but the danger had not fully passed from record rains, more storms could be on their way.

Thousands of homes were destroyed and hundreds of roads were damaged, and also hundreds of landslides were reported. The military flew food by the helicopter to stranded districts. Local governments are sending in relief items and food to the inaccessible areas via helicopters and through teams by foot.

Fukuoka region said in a statement as of Monday, the damage extended to more than 4300 homes, 800 roads and 20 bridges. At least 518 landslides were recorded, and more than 2700 people had evacuated their homes.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said the recent heavy rain has reached levels that have never been experienced before in the region. A part of Kumamoto received rain that was equivalent to one month’s rain fell in that particular space of just eight hours last week, the agency said.

The rain was described as it was like a waterfall, which was horrible and was started on Thursday. Over the past several days, the torrential caused mudslides, flooded houses and swelled rivers to dangerous levels.

People were killed after they were buried in their homes by landslides and swept away by overflowing rivers. Local authorities said by Monday, 28 people had died due to extreme weather and four are missing in the regions of Kumamoto, Fukuoka and Oita. Majority of deaths is seen in Kumamoto. Nationwide counts of the missing and dead were not available immediately.

On Monday, the weather conditions have improved, the meteorological agency reported, but further heavy rain with thunderstorms is expected, over Kumamoto. The agency has also given warning of risk of more landslides and floods.