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Karunanidhi decides to drop Eelam agenda from TESO conference

Chennai,July 16(): DMK chief M.Karunanidhi on Monday has decided to drop the idea for a separate Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka at the proposed conference of the recently invigorated TESO that is schedule to be held on Aug 12, following the meeting of Union home minister P Chidambaram at his residence  on Sunday.

While replying to a question of the media Karunanidhi said that “the DMK will not intend for a separate Tamil land in Sri Lanka, which no more will be a topic of discussion at the proposed conference in the TESO as we avoid creating confusion.” “The conference was meant for discussing much more significant matters other than this like trying to resolve various problems of the people and also to ensure they are provided with essential livelihood,” said the DMK chief.

Sources said Karunanidhi denied the fact that Chidambaram and he had discussed the TESO matter during their interaction on Sunday. He also claimed that the union minister met him since he had visited Chennai and the topic about dropping the TESO was not at all discussed on Sunday. While justifying his sudden action to drop the Eelam demand from the TESO conference, Karunanidhi alleged “we don’t want to create any more trouble by demanding a separate Eelam, as at the present juncture it is more important to ensure safety and good living to the Tamils in Sri Lanka.”

Earlier the DMK leaders have made a declaration that the home minister has come to Chennai to meet and request Karunanidhi not to bring up the Eelam demand in the TESO meet scheduled for Aug 12. The leaders also admitted that DMK chief was quite disturbed with the Centre’s advice to abandon the idea of bringing up the Eelam issue as it could cause some disgrace to India and affect ties with Sri Lanka.

However it was denied by Karunanidhi that the meeting between the two had anything to do with the drop of Eelam demand from the TESO conference.