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Dawood Ibrahim uses ship business to smuggle arms into India

Gujarat, July16 (): According to an intelligence report by the ministry of defence, it has come to light that the underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and his associates have a major stake in the multimillion-dollar ship-breaking industry in India.

Many Pakistani nationals are also believed to have a link with the D-Company based in London and the UAE which has a major stake in the country’s ship-breaking industry that is making huge investments in the environmentally unsafe industry situated in Alang, Gujarat. Reports from the intelligence said that the Pakistani nationals fix an agreement by paying hot cash with the knowledge of corrupt local officials.

The intelligence sources had informed the internal ministerial committee in Delhi in the month of February regarding Dawood’s aides stepping into the industry that might possibly create a danger to the security of the country, said officials in the directorate of naval intelligence.

D-Company men were believed to smuggle illegal imports, weapons and explosives with the help of some foreign agents while carrying out the ship dismantle operations, said the report. Dawood’s men were involved in money laundering schemes to support the deal and many end-of-life boats which reach the port in Gujarat get suddenly vanished from the port in a shortwhile.

As far as the present system is concerned, the entry of all the boats that holds dismantling permits, has paved way for the criminals to make an easy entry , said the report.

The system has to be regulated and each and every ship has to be thoroughly checked by the navy. Apart from this the MoD clearance is required to be made compulsory for permitting the vessels for the purpose of dismantling in India, declared a senior navy officer.

According to the current system, ships heading towards Alang are easily permitted to anchor for emergency repairs. In addition to smuggling and activities that might risk the national security a number of foreign-flagged ships are allowed to enter and depart with fake registrations, said the officer.