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Nepal bus accident kills 36 pilgrim mostly Indians

New Delhi, July 15 (): A total of thirty-six pilgrims, most of them said to be Indians, were killed in a bus accident on Sunday morning when an overcrowded bus slipped off the road and was forced into the Gandak Canal in southern Nepal.

The bus which was heading towards a temple in Nawalparasi district carried seventy to eighty Hindu pilgrims. Most of the passengers were believed to be from Uttar Pradesh, And were on their way to participate in the Bolbam festival in Tribenighat,said the police.

Bodies of twenty-five men, ten women, including a child were recovered from the accident site that occurred 250 km from Kathmandu, said the police.

A total of ten people sustained injuries and were rushed to the hospital out of which five are treated in the Nawalparasi hospital, and four men including one woman were being treated in Chaopatta Health centre  at Semori village.

Police said as the bus was carrying a large number of people which was overloaded seemed to be the reason behind the accident. Rescue operation is being carried out with the help of the Nepal Army and the local people, said the police.

The local people declared that the buses in Nepal are frequently overcrowded and accidents occurred due to the poor mountain roads which is a common road.

Due to heavy rains, roads were completely damaged and would have been greasy leading to accident, said the police officials. He also said that the bus was so much overloaded that people were made to sit on the top of the bus due to which the bus driver lost control of the bus.

A total of seventy five people were boarding the bus out of which thirty-five bodies were recovered. The pilgrims were about to attend a religious function at Triveni and worship Lord Shiva which was scheduled on Monday morning. The police said the deceased were not yet identified.

The bus had gone downwards under the River Gandak, which was blown up by monsoon rains, said the police.]]>