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Dowry harassment : Woman forced to drink urine by her dentist husband

Bangalore, July 14 (): Close on the heels, after a Visva-Bharati hostel warden from Bengal sent shock waves across the country by forcing a 10-year-old student drink her own urine as a punishment for bed-wetting, another shock revelation has come to light, but this time from Bangalore.

A woman by name, Sapna, who belonged to Davangere, has filed a case against her dentist husband Akash Raj, as well as her in–laws, by saying that her husband harassed her by forcing to drink his urine. The 26-year-old woman was often harassed by her husband who on the pretext of demanding dowry, sexually abused her, police said.

Sapna has stated in her complaint that her husband under the guidance of his family members used to harass her demanding huge dowry, and when she refused, he sexually assaulted her by saying that she was running prostitution racket before the wedding. Disgracefully he made the allegation the very next day of their marriage, said the woman.

In addition to harassing the dejected woman, Raj often suspected her to have slept with an electrician or having an extra marital affair with a neighbor. He sometimes had sexual conversation with other women and forced her to listen to it by keeping the speaker on, alleged the distressed woman.

In spite of bringing one kg gold and five kg silver, her husband demanded a sum of Rs 25 lakhs from her parents which she could not fetch. The woman was subjected to cruelty in various forms.

She also claimed  that last month during her menstrual cycle, he forced her to have intercourse with him and when she refused, he made her drink his urine. Unable to bear the pain and humiliation, the woman tried to commit suicide twice. The woman has lodged a complaint against her husband and his family.

The dejected woman at last had leave for her parental home, with no other option.