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Hitler’s Mercedes vintage car discovered

New Jersy, July 10 (): Zenop Tuncer, an auto repair shop owner in Edgewater, New Jersey was shocked to discover that a 1942 Mercedes 320 Cabriolet D he purchased over the Internet for a customer has strong ties to Adolf Hitler.

Tuncer shop specializes in getting classic cars. Once, he received a request from Fred Daibes, real estate developer to find a Mercedes-Benz 540K. But, Tuncer could only get a 1942 Mercedes 320 Cabriolet D convertible, which Daibes agreed to buy.

Tuncer said the car ran nicely when it arrived, but the body and the interior needed work. He said the car looked like a military car. The colour is a black, and there are patches covering which show that it would have been a place for the flag post and the siren, which showed definitely the car was from a general.

The serial number had a small eagle on top of a swastika, showing it had been made for the Nazis.

As the car needed some parts, Tuncer contacted the Mercedes-Benz with the serial number. He was amazed when the company asked him to look at the serial number again and see if there was an eagle with a swastika next to it. Tuncer found the swastika, which he said was so small he missed it to notice at first.

Mercedes said they made some of these cars but only for Hitler. Mercedes-Benz has made eight of such vehicles for the Nazis.

An Ohio collector, the previous owner of the vehicle didn’t know that this was exactly a car made for Hitler. He said the car came over from the war, and it was his grandfather who brought it to US shores.

The car company says each year they get at least one Adolf Hitler car claim and they remain speculative at best regarding the claim. If the car was truly owned by Adolf Hitler its worth could immediately rise.