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Jealous Iranian wife stabs hubby in the heart after sex

London July 9 (ANI): A wife who was convinced that her husband was cheating, lured him to bed and told him to close his eyes because she had a ‘surprise’ for him, before plunging a knife into his chest.

Nooshin Nedjah, 30, was jailed for 11 years on Friday over the attack at their flat after over the suspicion that her husband had married someone else.

Medi Sangachin, 36, suffered massive blood loss after the kitchen knife entered his heart.

Nedjah was cleared of attempted murder after a trial at Leeds Crown Court, West Yorks, but was convicted of wounding with intent.

The jury heard the couple are both originally from Iran and married in June last year after starting a relationship in 2010 when they met on a bus.

In December last year Mr Sangachin visited his family in Iran.

He told his wife he had been unfaithful to her and tension between them continued as Nedjah believed he had remarried during his trip.

The court heard Nedjah persuaded her husband to come to bed on the afternoon of February 17 this year and they had sex.

Afterwards she told him she had a “surprise” and told her husband to cover his eyes as they were naked in bed.

“At that point she produced a sharp knife, which she had fetched from the kitchen, and plunged it with force into his chest, penetrating his heart and his left lung and narrowly missing the coronary artery,” the Telegraph quoted prosecutor Jonathan Sharp, as saying.

Nedjah, who came to the UK to study English, initially failed to help her husband as blood pumped from the wound but eventually dialled 999.

Nedjah tried to claim her husband had inflicted the injury upon himself then said he was stabbed accidentally as the pair struggled.

Matthew Bean, for Nedjah, said his client had been receiving treatment for mental health problems. (ANI)