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Eega, Naan Ee – Review

Hyderabad, July 7 (): Rajamouli’s Eega, is a revenge drama which offers superb graphics of an animated character ‘House Fly’ in protagonist role. Eega is made in Tamil as Naan Ee and it released in Tamil Nadu simultaneously with Telugu version today.


4 / 5


Cast: Nani, Samantha, Sudeep, Hamsa Nandini

Cinematographer: K K Senthil Kumar

Music: Keeravani

Editor: Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao

Producer: Sai Korrapati

Story, Screenplay, Direction: S S Rajamouli


Sudeep (Sudeep) is industrialist with a huge background who desires to get whatever he wants. He always has special consideration on beautiful women. He will do anything to win any woman’s heart. That desire gets activated when Sudeep meets Bindu (Samantha), an artist who runs a non-profit organization.

However, Nani (Nani) loves Bindu who keeps her following everywhere. Bindu too loves him, but she does not show her love to him instead enjoys the attention. When, Sudeep learns about the love feelings of Bindu for Nani, he finds it difficult to take the situation and unable to digest his defeat, he kills Nani. But Nani is reborn again as ‘Eega’ and he wants to take revenge on Sudeep.


Nani is decent in his brief role. His cheerful expressions and his energy levels brings some bright moments to the movie.

Sudeep is awesome playing the role of a bad guy. His terrific performance is the major positive points in the movie. His presence in the screen will make audience feel that no one can replace his role in this movie.

Samantha has given a good performance.

Aditya Menon is appropriate, Devadarshini has given a decent performance, Tagubothu Ramesh has made the audience laugh, Srinivasa Reddy’s potential is less used.

All others character did not have huge role to play in this movie, but everyone acted well in their respective role.

Telugu cinema now has a movie with high quality graphics, where CG is the hero. Usually, CG is considered to give effects and impact on the background but in this, it is the CG which is the hero.

Secondly, when an animated creature is the central character, it is clear that there will be no dialogues but the major life to the film is provided by the extraordinary background music of Keeravani.

Dialogues are suitable.

Cinematography is outstanding. Senthil’s camera angles and the grading he used for different scenes are exceptional.

Editing is done perfectly by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao.

Keeravani, the music composer is the major advantage to this film. His background music forms an excellent platform for the film. Few melody songs are impressive too.

Eega is a technically well-made film. Eega’s dances, movements and everything are done to the possible best levels.

Rajamouli has done a tremendous job. His execution and ideas are superb in the film. His beautiful picture has made Rajamouli the best director undoubtedly the best director in Tollywood now. The emotions of Eega he conveyed with his instruments were mesmerizing.


CGI work is superb. Animation and the visual effects will definitely rank Eega among the best on Indian screen. Rajamouli is really dared to do a film with an animation character as a hero. There was lot of time and hard work put into the film and the results are obvious.