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Pro-democratic Hong Kong lawmaker seeks ouster of country’s new leader

Hong Kong, July 6 (ANI): The chairman of Hong Kong’s Democratic Party has legally challenged against the region’s new leader CY Leung.

According to the BBC, Albert Ho said that Leung, who was sworn in on Sunday, had made false and misleading statements regarding illegal structures in his home during the election campaign.

Ho has asked a judge to overturn the election result, and the election petition.

“I just want to uphold the integrity of the system to make sure we have a fair election,” Ho said.

“Our system is already less than democratic, it’s undemocratic, at least the minimum we want is that the process was held strictly in accordance with the laws,” he added.

Leung, a land surveyor, has demolished the illegal structures in his house after reports about it emerged. He has also apologized for it.

Leung was chosen as Hong Kong’s new leader by a committee of 1,200 business leaders and other influential citizens mostly loyal to Beijing after an unusually turbulent campaign.

On Sunday, thousands participated in the annual pro-democracy Hong Kong protest and many expressed concern about Leung. (ANI)