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Chidambaram condemns killing of innocents in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh, July 5 (): Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on Thursday while safe guarding the CRPF’s role  in the anti-Naxal operation which took place last Friday in Chhattisgarh told that he felt terribly sorry for the innocents who were made the victims among the nineteen Naxals killed.

While talking to reporters, the Home Minister expressed his regret and admitted that he was terribly sorry if at all any innocent who had no links with the Naxal group had been killed in the encounter that was meant for the Maoists. However, Mr. Chidambaram did not pass any comment against the CRPF.

The local villagers and politicians while condemning the killing claimed that all those killed were not Maoists. The CRPF too had stated that out of nineteen people killed, six were having Naxal background, while the others who were killed are still under investigation.

Home minister P Chidambaram stated that he did not try to hide anything, neither has he any fear nor he is worried about any political controversies. Being the home minister, CRPF is under his control, said Chidambaram.The home minister added by saying that the CRPF’s role is for the defense of the country who are working on grounds of truth and honesty. If the Chhattisgarh government decides for an inquiry they may proceed, said Chidambaram.

The home minister also quoted the CRPF director-general K.Vijay Kumar that the actions require the armed forces to open fire if they are being attacked from the opposition in the dark forest. The CRPF has said that the entire encounter site at Sarkeguda will once again be examined in order to avoid miscalculation in the future operations.

A top CRPF officer alleged that they would check the sight of operation to find out the errors. The officer also claimed that according to them they were not wrong anywhere as the operation was moving towards the right direction and on the right track.