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TCC-UK demands immediate release of Tamil detainees at Chengalpattu special camp

London/Chennai, July 4 (): Tamils in the United Kingdom staged a demonstration outside the Indian High Commission at India Place, London demanding the immediate release of the Eelam Tamil detainees at Chengalpattu special camp and immediate shut-down of the camp.

Tamil Coordinating Committe -UK (TCC-UK) submitted separate petitions to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Indian High Commission that called for a review in the Indian approach to treating Eelam Tamil refugees in India.

Sivatharshan Sivakumaravel, an activist from TCC-UK told TamilNet that their immediate and main concern is to shut down these special camps and that they expect nothing much from India. He also urged the various UN agencies to communicate with each other to make clear the isolated incidents witnessed by each when seen together is actually facilitating the genocide of the Eelam Tamil nation.

Protesters representing TCC-UK supported the demands of Chengalpattu camp inmates who are on hunger strike demanding their release. They also advocated compliance of UNHCR standards by India.

TCC-UK has submitted the petition to the Indian High Commission, addressed to the state government of Tamil Nadu, wherein they have urged Tamil Nadu to “take brave measures in addressing Eelam Tamil refugees, beginning with the immediate closure of all ‘special camps’. They have also suggested development of strong systems to ensure Tamil refugees are given rights as enshrined in the 1951 refugee convention and its 1967 protocol.

Similarly, the petition submitted to the UNHCR, noted India’s role in backing up Sri Lanka’s colonization of the Tamil homeland and called on the UN to ensure the shutting down of such detention camps in Tamil Nadu, free admission of NGOs in all refugee camps, and to guard the fundamental human rights of the Eelam Tamil refugees.

Meanwhile at Chengalpattu special camp in Tamil Nadu, four of the detained Eelam Tamils have been released while the hunger strike by the remaining inmates continues.