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Scientists measure the God Particle.

God has fixed 4′th July of 2012  for the announcement by the Scientists regarding the evidence of the existence of God particle. But God is not made up of this particle. It is nothing but one elementary particle named as  Higgs Boson in Particle Physics. When a Nobel laureate wished to name his book on particle physics after Higgs Boson as goddamn particle, the publisher fearing such  a name would not be marketed,  renamed it as God Particle.

Philosophy say God is within us. Most of us do not explore what particles are within us. We either believe in God for creation or Darwin for evolution.

Take your body. Your school science explains that we are made up of cells, the basic building blocks of our body parts. And the Cells are made up of Cell walls, Cytoplasm, Nucleus etc ,. In turn they are made up of amino acids proteins. We know DNA, RNA etc. And go still inside to find the atoms like, Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen. And in these atoms the Electrons orbit the nucleus having Proton and Neutron. If you have an impression that these are the smallest particles, you are wrong. There are more sub atomic particles in this universe and they are classified according to size and other parameters. Here come our Higgs Boson or God particles.

Now from the microscopic travel inward in to your body, proceed outwards for a telescopic travel and visualize our people, animals, plants, earth, solar system, our galaxy Milky way and other innumerable Galaxies. They all have masses gained from the period of Big Bang the initial moments of the evolution of our universe. Like our Biological evolution from single cell organisms, the elements in our universe have gained mass initially when the fundamental or sub atomic particles interacted with something which is now called Higgs Boson field or a God Particle.

Only in 1929 Mr. Hubble found that there are more Galaxies in our universe other than our own Milky way Galaxy. Then we realised that this universe full of Galaxies is not static but expands with time. That means if we take the time was zero, at the moment of the beginning of the Universe which is known as Big Bang, in the period immediately after the moment the particles should have been created or born, started to gain mass. Therefore there is a necessity to understand the drama of that moment in which our God particle must be a hero.

The fairly known particles like electrons and neutrinos are called Leptons since they are lighter ones. The particles such as protons and neutrons are heavier and are called Hadrons. Apart from such particles we have forces of nature with which the particles interact. Bosons are mediated by weak nuclear forces and Gluons are mediating Strong nuclear forces. Gravitational forces due to mass, Electromagnetic forces represented by Photons (having no mass) are other two forces constituting the four forces identified.

In fact there are 12 types of fundamental particles in the universe out of which 11 were identified and the 12th one is very important but was escaping the intelligence of our scientific eyes in the laboratories.

The elementary particles interact with unknown force or field or particle the 12th one to get their masses. It is said that when elementary particles pass through Higgs Field they are slowed down because they gain mass and such particles which gain mass cannot reach the velocity of light. Only Photons with no mass are excluded from these phenomena and therefore travel with the speed of light. The Higgs field confined in a smallest space can constitute a particle. But the scientific experiments for decades cannot hunt his particle and clearly prove that such a thing exists.

Our scientists follow Standard model (SM) to explain the evolution of Universe. Without the existence of Higgs Bosons, our Standard model hypothesis will fail and we have to start from the a,b,c,d to explain how the universe evolved from the Big Bang, How the particles gained mass etc. When everything is explored like jigsaw puzzle and only one piece is missing in this, it was convincingly presumed to be Higgs Boson.

What prevents us from finding this elusive particle which we know it exists but cannot be seen just like God? Very simple. It is so small and we have to create a favorable experimental mechanism and infrastructure like 17-mile subterranean tunnel some 500 feet beneath withstanding very high temperature and having very low temperatures with precise instruments for microscopic measurements. OK we have such facilities in CERN Geneva and erstwhile FERN USA.

In these facilities the entire energy ranges of various high-energy particles can be measured by particle collisions throwing debris of billions of all particles from which you have to find out the signatures for Higgs Boson and not the Higgs Boson itself physically. So far the Scientists predicted its presence only by assuming in a logic that  “there is fire because they can sense the smoke’. Now what is achieved is the measurement of mass of the Higgs Boson. (And do not search for a photograph of the God Particle or its interactions in You tube)

The mass of the Boson now found and announced by CERN is 125.3+ GeV which is the closest measurement predicted for the Higgs Boson. Therefore what is found today is just a measurement of a Boson. Whether it is Higgs Boson or what? There is still some doubt.

Unlike Religion, Science cannot afford to allow an iota of doubt. Therefore the research will continue until more and more statistical and mathematical models confirm the findings beyond doubts.


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