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Jamaat-e-Islami Kashmir suggests dress code for female tourists in Kashmir

Srinagar, July 4 (ANI): Women coming to Jammu and Kashmir should not wear revealing clothes and should be sensitive to the local ethos, local religious group Jamaat-e-Islami Kashmir suggested here on Wednesday.

Counsel for the group Zahid Ali said they would impose restrictions on how foreign tourists dress at tourist spots.

“We are not suggesting any particular dress-code for the tourists. We are only saying that they should take care of the local ethos and the traditions. We are not asking them to adopt Islamic dress code,” he said.

He said the group is demanding the Department of Tourism not to encourage cultural aggression on the local traditions.

Ali said that Muslim women are also not allowed to wear scarves in western countries because of their cultural impositions.

“When we see that in the European countries, Muslim women are not even allowed to wear scarves, so how do we allow women tourists to expose in our country? Even if it is a Hindu or a Muslim, the locals do not like it. It is in our tradition and we are not asking them to adopt Islamic dress code,” he added.

The suggestion on dress code could impact the tourist influx in the state, where the separatists have already banned cinema halls. (ANI)