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Satyamev Jayate episode 9: Alcohol abuse –Think before you drink

Mumbai, July 2 (): Satyamev Jayate episode 9: Alcohol Abuse – Think Before You Drink was telecast on July 1 that dealt with alcohol abuse and how an individual could ruin his life and the lives of the people related to him. The talk show brought to light the dark truths of the Indian lifestyle and the growing fashion to associate fashion with alcohol.

The episode gave the message ‘Enjoy life but value it’. Aamir Khan highlighted the deep-laid problem of alcohol addiction in the human civilization and he took the responsibility of striking the right chord to free the society from the menace of alcohol. Aamir stressed it is none other than ‘determination’ that is the only principle to get rid of this bad habit.

The episode began with Vijay Simha, a famous journalist who detailed his life with alcohol. He worked with a reputed publication, started off as a social drinker which ended up turning into an addict. Alcohol turned his life drastically and made him land on the streets of Delhi where he spent nine months without food. His parents disowned him because of his rash behaviour and till date, he repents not being forgiven by his mother.

Next came Lakshman, a 64-year old man who described his life with alcohol for 40 years during which he did no constructive work but was just addicted to alchohol. After getting support from the Alcoholics Anonymous group, he realised the fact and since then, he has been living a life free of alcohol.

Psychiatrist Ashish Deshpande detailed about the mental condition of an alcoholic, terming it as a disease.

The celebrity guest, famous lyricist and screen writer Javed Akhtar admitted having undergone a similar phase in his life on the show. He talked about those 24 years of his life, which he wasted on alcohol. He called himself a fool who took pride in drinking during his youth.

The episode also showed few examples on the accidents that happened because of hazardous drinking and how innocent people lost their lives. Aamir insisted the government to pass severe laws against drunken driving.

Alcohol consumption is associated with enjoying life and having fun. But excessive drinking takes away the life. Many alcohol addicts have climbed back to normal life, proving that it is possible to live happily without alcohol.

The episode finally ended creating awareness in the public about its harmful effects.