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Railways:Changes in timing and frequency of several trains

Chennai, July 2 (): The railways have announced certain changes in the timings and frequency of several trains that has been put into practice  from July1, in order to reduce the running hours of the trains.

The frequency of 16315/16316 Bangalore- Kochuveli- Bangalore Express has been increased from three times in a week to all days in a week; opening of Palakkad Town- Erode MEMU MEMU passenger and Ernakulam- Thrissur Ernakulam MEMU passenger are the most important highlights of the railways which has been implemented from Sunday.

The latest trains that have been mentioned in the timetable and which is about to begin its trip shortly are the 16651/16652 Yesvantpur- Kochuveli- Yesvantpur AC weekly express, 22475/22476 Bikaner- Coimbatore weekly AC superfast express, 22629/22630 Dadar-Tirunelveli weekly superfast express, 66611/66612 Ernakulam- Thrissur- Ernakulam MEMU passenger and 66608/66609 Palakkad Town- Erode MEMU passenger.

16649/16650 Mangalore- Thiruvananthapuram- Mangalore express has been extended to Nagercoil and 22609/22610 Mangalore Central- Palakkad internal city Express is extended to Coimbatore.

The frequency of the trains which is expected to increase are the 16315/16316 Bangalore- Kochuveli- Bangalore express to a daily train and 12685/12686 Chennai Central- Mangalore Central express which has been announced by the railways.

Although the frequency of the trains of the Bangalore city will be announced later on, trains regarding Chennai Central are likely to be changed into a daily train which will be implemented from Aug 20.

The frequency of 12641/12642 Kanyakumari- Nizamuddin- Kanyakumari weekly express has been changed to twice a week instead of once a week. The additional service is expected to reach Kanyakumari on Wednesdays and will depart from Kanyakumari on Fridays. However, the information in connection to this will be given soon.

16041/16042 Chennai Central-Alappuzha daily express will be diverted via Coimbatore which will commence from September 23 and 16332 Thiruvananthapuram-Mumbai CST weekly express is likely to commence from September 22 and 16331 Mumbai CST- Thiruvananthapuram weekly express is likely to be commenced from September 24 and will run via Coimbatore, thus, the total schedule of the arriving and the departing of the trains have been changed.

The Indian Railways have also announced changes in the timings of the trains of 14010/14009 Delhi Sarai Rohilla-Chhindwara Express, 12641/12642 Kanyakumari-Nizamuddin, 12454/12453 New Delhi-Ranchi Rajdhani and Nanded-Shri Ganganagar.

A number of trains have been given extension. These are 12945/12946 Surat-Varanasi to Chhapra Junction, 12688/12687 Dehdradun-Chennai Central to Madurai Junction, 19051/19052 Valsad-Sonpur to Muzaffarpur, 13237/38/39/40 Patna-Mathura to Kota Junction, 12941/12942 Asansol-Ahmedabad Express to Bhavnagar and 51973/51974 Mathura-Bandikui Passenger to Jaipur.

Changes are also effective in the North Central Railways. 12428 New Delhi-Rewa Express will hereafter be passing through Kanpur Central railway station at 3.20 am and would depart for Allahabad at 3.25 am. This train passes through Aligarh, Jhinjhak, Kanpur, Fatehpur and Allahabad to arrive Rewa.

Shramshakti Express, which runs between Kanpur and New Delhi, will now make its departure from Delhi at 11.50 pm instead of 11.40 pm and reach Kanpur at 6.30am instead of 5.55 am.

In the meantime, the railways have also decided to introduce a new set of trains that will come into operation from the month of July.