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Salman Khan launches online petition for Sarabjit’s release

Mumbai, Jun 30 (): Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has written an online petition asking for the release of Sarabjit Singh, who has been in a Pakistan jail since 1990 over his supposed role in the Lahore serial blasts.

In his online petition on popular social network, Facebook, Salman Khan has written- “For over 20 years, Sarabjit Singh is in a Pakistan prison for a crime he did not commit. He and his family have suffered for too long. Please sign this petition to appeal to the Pakistan government that he be freed and united with his family in Punjab” – Salman Khan

The petition on Facebook has already received more than 9,68,000 likes when it was last checked. The link to Salman Khan’s online petition:www.facebook.com/BeingHumanOnline

On Friday, actor Salman Khan tweeted his support for Sarabjit Singh, the Indian on death row in Pakistan.

“Requesting the people of pakistan to support me to help free sarabjit who has been in prison since yrs. Please. Allah vasta,” he wrote, adding: “Hope u support me like it’s your own cause.”

Pakistan on Thursday released one another Indian prisoner Surjeet Singh. Earlier, reports said that Sarabjit Singh will be set free by Pakistan, but later Islamabad clarified it saying it was not Sarabjit Singh, it was another Indian prisoner named Surjeet Singh.

Sarabjit’s family in India, who have been suffering for the past 20 years, were rejoiced on hearing the first news. But, later when they learnt it was not Sarabjit to be released, they got upset and have again started asking Indian government to help them release the alleged prisoner in Pakistan.

Salman Khan, the actor who is popular both in India and Pakistan, is requesting Pakistan to release Sarabjit Singh. The actor is upset after seeing Sarabjit family in despair.