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Salman Khan seeks his fans’ support in releasing Sarabjit

New Delhi, June 29 (): Bollywood star Salman Khan has come forward to  lend his support to  Sarabjit Singh who is in the Pakistan jail for the past two decades. Salman made a request to all his fans to move ahead for this noble cause of supporting him in releasing Sarabjit Singh.

Salman tweeted a message to the Pakistani authorities to release Sarabjit and send him back to his family who are eagerly waiting for the man. Salman wrote to the authorities that he was moved by a picture of Sarabjit’s sister longing to see her brother which made him feel sorry for the helpless woman, tweeted Salman.

Salman further stated that it would indeed be a wonderful gesture to send poor Sarabjit to his family after keeping him in the prison for thirty years. The Bollywood king appealed to the people of Pakistan, media channels, Pakistan government and the President Asif Ali Zardari to support him in his cause. He asked the authorities of Pakistan to show mercy on Sarabjit who has lost his maximum life in the jail, tweeted Salman, “For the sake of Allah”.

Aside to Surjeet Singh; he was released by Pakistan; while crossing into Indian Border,he bowed down and kissed the soil of the motherland with tears rolling down his eyes. Though Surjeet finished his punishment of life term in the year 2005, he was made to stay for seven more years in the jail, claimed Surjeet.

When asked by reporters about Sarabjit Singh, Surjeet replied that he used to meet Sarabjit once in a week, he is fine but seemed to be worried. He did not send any message to his family, said Surjeet. He also added by saying that the Pakistani authorities are willing to release Sarabjit, but various Pakistani groups including the Army, ISI and religious  groups were making a delay in releasing Sarabjit.

Surjeet promised to secure the release of his fellow citizen Sarabjit who has been in the Kot Lakpat jail for decades.