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Krishna: Rahul’s entry the need of the hour

New Delhi, Jun 27 (): External affairs minister S M Krishna on Wednesday eagerly favoured the name of Rahul Gandhi’s entry into the government, by saying that the country is in an acute need to solve its problem and it is only possible if Rahul Gandhi make a way into the government.

The Minister alleged that Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had earlier invited Rahul Gandhi to get united with the government to which Rahul silently laughed.

While talking to the reporters, the minister uttered that the ruling government has always thought of associating Rahul Gandhi into the government. Though the Prime Minister has expressed his wish to bring Rahul Gandhi into the government he himself has an idea of uniting, said the minister.

While the external affairs minister was asked by the reporters that whether the Congress is thinking Rahul to replace Pranab Mukherjee as Finance minister after his resignation was submitted in view of contesting the presidential elections, to which Krishna replied as each and every one in the party wants Rahul Gandhi to get united with the government he too has a similar aspirations, because at this present juncture the country is facing immense problems which Rahul has the capability to help out, said Krishna.

Krishna also added that as far as the party was concerned Pranab Mukherjee was the real problem -reliever for the government. In times of difficulties Pranab have given valuable advice to the party which has been resolved after getting implemented.

Following Virbhadra Singh’s resignation on Tuesday as micro, small and medium industries (MSM) minister after the Himachal Pradesh court criticizing him in corruption charges has paved the way to reorganize the cabinet, said Krishna.

Anyhow at present Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is looking after the affairs of Finance portfolio as well as his ministry and has submitted the charge of MSM portfolio to Science and Technology Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, said the external affairs minister.