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India requests Pakistan to release Sarabjit Singh

Amritsar, Jun 27 (): India on Wednesday made a request to Pakistan to release death row prisoner Sarabjit Singh following Islamabad’s decision to release Surjeet Singh who was named by mistake on Pakistan’s news channel as Sarabjit Singh.

On Tuesday when news regarding Pakistan’s decision of releasing Sarabjit Singh emerged, a spokesperson from the presidential office while clarifying with Islamabad came to know that the Pakistan authorities have decided to release Surjeet Singh and not Sarabjit Singh.

Following the rumour of Sarabjit Singh’s release, External Affairs Minister S M Krishna called Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari to convey his gratitude. However the minister thanked Zardari for releasing Surjeet, at the same time made a fresh request to the Pakistan president to release Sarabjit Singh who is in the Pakistan jail.

In the midnight after a number of Pakistan media flashed out the news of Sarabjit Singh‘s release, to which Pakistani Presidential Spokesman Farhatullah Babar denied any such decisions having been taken by the President, said sources.

Pakistan Law Minister Farooq Naek, while clearing the confusion said that, Surjeet Singh, son of Sucha Singh whose death sentence was converted to life term in the year 1989 on behalf of a request made by the then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto . He also added that as Surjeet Singh has completed his life term, it becomes absolutely illegal to keep him in the jail.

The external affairs minister stated that India has repeatedly pleaded the government of Pakistan to show mercy on Sarabjit Singh who has been staying in the Pakistan prison for the last two decades. The minister added that an appeal has also been made to the Pakistan government to set free all other Indian Nationals who have completed their prison term.

On the other hand while the family of sarabjit Singh came to know that it was Surjeet Singh and not Sarabjit Singh who is going to be released, they said Sarabjit had once again been made the victim of wrong identity.