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Four year old Mahi dead, after immense struggle by armymen

Gurgaon, Jun 25 (): Four year old Mahi was declared dead after she was removed out of the 70 feet deep bore well inside which she fell while playing with her friends on June 20.

Rescuers had to struggle hard in bringing the girl out of the pit as she was caught below a heavy rock which was causing great concern in bringing the girl out. Oxygen was repeatedly supplied to the girl from the day she was caught inside to the pit.

On Saturday night the rescuers including army, fire, police, Gurgaon Rapid Metrorail, health and revenue departments, were constantly fighting to cut the rock and reach the girl. On Sunday afternoon though the rescuers cut the rock and finally reached the girl, by drilling a pit parallel to the bore well, she was declared dead after she was rushed immediately to the hospital, said army officials.

Army jawans took great effort by using Machineries that was used for the purpose of building Metro to find a fresh route to reach the girl as the existence of the hard rock was creating difficulties in reaching the girl. But as the machineries might cause injury to the girl the jawans had to remove the rock with their hands in order to save the girl.

The Reliance Industries also brought ‘ground penetrating radar’ through which the exact location of the girl was found, which helped in supplying oxygen to the four year old girl but in vain, said sources.

Reaching the child took the army jawans till Sunday afternoon but by then very few would have realized that it was the end of the girl who could not be provided with food or a single drop of water.

Covering in a white sheet the Jawans ran helter skelter in a belief that the girl would be saved, but the almighty did injustice to Mahi by snatching her away. On Sunday the whole country would have shed tears for little Mahi as being Indians we have a soft corner who cannot see any one weeping or trapped in terrible situations.