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Manesar village girl Mahi fails to survive borewell tragedy

Manesar District (Gurgaon, Haryana), June 24 (ANI): Manesar District village girl Mahi was declared dead on Sunday afternoon, 86 hours after she was retrieved from a 70-feet deep borewell into she had tragically fallen into.

The Gurgaon District Magistrate P.C.Meena announced the death of the child, a victim of administrative indifference.

He said that health officials at the ESI Hospital in Manesar had informed that Mahi had been brought dead.

The 86-hour-long ordeal ended on Sunday afternoon, with rescue teams led by the army lifting the four-year-old child out of a 70-feet borewell.

The girl fell into the borewell on June 20 in Kho village of the district.

Earlier, on Saturday night, the rescuers had managed to pierce a hard rock which was a major hurdle that the rescuers had been struggling to break or the last two days.

Oxygen was supplied to Mahi since the rescue operation began, but to no avail.

Over 100 officials drawn from the Army, fire, police, Gurgaon Rapid Metrorail, health and revenue departments, and locals were involved in the rescue operation.

Mahi’s family was said to be in a distraught state, unable to deal with their tragedy.

Sonia, Mahi’s mother, was particularly unconsolable, and is said to have collapsed on hearing the news of her daughter’s death.

She had earlier said that she only wanted her child alive and back, and anything else did not matter. (ANI)