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Indian Americans lead all Asians in income, education in US: Survey

Washington, Jun 21 (): A new survey stated Asian Americans are found to be the best-educated, fastest-growing racial group and highest-income in US and also stated Indian Americans leads them all in the levels of education and income.

Seven Indian American adults among 10 in the age 25 and older possess a college degree, when compared with around half of Americans of Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Filipino ancestry, and around a quarter of the Vietnamese Americans, said the report which was released by Pew Research Centre on Tuesday.

Indians have highest median household income of about $88,000 between the largest Asian-American groups. On a whole, Asians have a median household income around $66,000 when compared with US median of $49,800.

When socio-economic ledger is compared, Americans with Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and “other US Asian” origins have higher poverty rate than does US general public. Americans with Indian, Filipino, Japanese origins have very lower rates, where the survey was made between six major Asian groups.

The geographic settlement forms also differ. Above seven in 10 Japanese and two out of three of Filipinos live in West, when compared with less than half of Koreans, Vietnamese and Chinese and only around a quarter of Indians.

There are also sub-group differences in cultural and social realms. Filipino and Japanese Americans are the most tolerant of intergroup and interracial marriage; Indians, Koreans and Vietnamese are less tolerant.

Their entrances into US are also different, Pew survey found. Nearly half of all Indian and Korean immigrants who got green cards in 2011 received them on basis of employer sponsorship, when compared with only nearly one-in-three of Japanese, one-in-eight Filipinos, one-in-five of Chinese and one per cent of Vietnamese.

When compared with general public, Asian Americans support mainly an activist government and are less likely to support as Republicans, Pew report said.

US President Barack Obama acquires higher rankings from the Asian Americans than from general public: 54 per cent accept the way he handles his job when compared with 44 per cent of general public, the survey by Pew found.