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Demonstration to release Eelam Tamils at Chengalpattu special camp

Chennai, June 21 (): Mr Pugazhendi Thangaraj, Coordinator-Director of Association fighting to release Eelam Tamils from Chengalpattu special camp has released a Press Note:

I am deeply grateful and indebted to each one of you who came together on 19th June at Mount Road Post Office, Chennai to submit telegrams to Honourable Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa urging her to transfer fellow Eelam Tamils in Chengalpattu special camp to open camps.

The Tamil Nadu government has assured to release 15 Tamils before 15th June and the rest in batches. We do not know the reason behind the government not fulfilling its promise. We had arranged for the telegram demonstration only to remind the state government what it had vouched for.

The moral demonstration that started by giving telegrams to Chief Minister by gathering in huge numbers, will  be continued near Chengalpattu special camp on Friday,22nd June, 2012 at 9am. Like how we showed our huge support at Mount Road Post Office, we need to assemble in large numbers at Chengalpattu too. Putting aside the differences between us and crossing all political boundaries, we all need to join hands for the cause of our fellow Tamils. We should all agree on this for the sake of our Tamil brethren who have crossed seas believing in us and suffering in our soil. This would only instill belief and confidence in them. We do not know the number of our brethren with deteriorating health who are on a fast for the past one week at the camp.

We hear about some of them being taken to mental health hospital frequently; this naturally provokes us and wants us to know what exactly is happening there at the camp. We should realize that the responsibility of saving our fellow Tamils not only lies with the government –but with us too.

To fulfill that moral responsibility, we will all assemble at Chengalpattu special camp on 22nd June at 9am.We will insist the government to release our fellow Tamils and withdraw the false cases against them. There is absolutely no need to go in to details of who will take part in this demonstration. Those who wish to stand up for the cause of Eelam Tamils will definitely assemble at Chengalpattu. Our confidence builds up on seeing some of our friends who did not take part in telegram protest but preparing to participate in Chengalpattu demonstration.

I am certain that you will spread word about Chengalpattu demonstration through media, Facebook, websites, e-mail and sms. I am confident that you will all participate. We will see you at Chengalpattu on 22nd June.

Thanks and best regards

Pugazhendi Thangaraj

Mobile:  98419 06290