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Ram Charan, Upasana enjoy Honeymoon in Vatican

Hyderabad, June 19 (): Newly wedded couple Ram Charan Teja and Upasana Kamineni have left to enjoy their honeymoon in Vatican City. Few days before their marriage, Ram Charan has said that he wishes to go for a honeymoon, where the couple would be free from traffic menace and shopping.

Ram Charan and Upasana visited St. Peter’s Church in Vatican City. Some report also it is unclear whether the trip is a part of the couple’s honeymoon trip or if it is a just a devotional visit.

Charan tweeted from Vatican about his visit. ‘Three days ago we were in Tirupati and at present we are in Vatican City and also have visited St.Peter’s Church. Thank you God.’

The couple went to Tirupati on Saturday, to offer prayers to Lord Balaji. Ram Charan and Upasana entered into wedlock on June 14th at a very grand, star- studded wedding followed by two receptions, one for their friends, relatives and celebrities and other for his fans.

As per plans, Charan will soon be returning back to his shooting schedules. Ram Charan Teja will join ‘Yevadu’ shooting after he returns from his short honeymoon trip. Charan is also readying himself for his debut film in Bollywood with the remake of the super hit Bollywood movie of Amitabh Bachchan ‘Zanjeer’.

The couple were literally very busy for the past 15 days for their wedding preparations and its grand celebrations. So, this short honeymoon would really be of great relaxation for them and also they may miss such wonderful moments if they immediately enter into their tight packed schedules.

Confirming it, Magadheera star also added these words in his tweet, taking a short break off for just 3 days on a holiday with Upasana after spending hectic 10 days and hope to be back for the shoot refreshed and relaxed.