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Dhoni beats Sachin, Rooney, Djokovic in Forbes’ rich sportsman list

London, Jun 19 (Truthdive): Indian Cricket Team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has jumped over tennis champion Novak Djokovic, ‘Sprint King’ Novak Bolt and his team mate Sachin Tendulkar in the recent list of world’s 100 richest sports persons, which was released by Forbes magazine.

As per the list, MS Dhoni is at 31st rank, the place ahead of Novak Djokovic (62nd), Novak Bolt (63rd) and Sachin Tendulkar (78th). Famous football players Fernando Torres and Wayne Rooney are behind MS Dhoni in the list.

Floyd Mayweather, Boxing champion topped the rich sportsman list with total earnings USD 85 million, second stands Manny Pacquiao, Fillipino pugilist with total earnings of USD 62 million and third stands Tiger Woods, golf legend with USD 59.4 million.

Dhoni’s total earning is 26.5m and he earns 23 m from endorsements. Tendulkar’s total earning is USD 18.6 million and gets 16.5 m from endorsements.

Interestingly, Indian captain’s income from endorsements is higher than Lionel Messi, the world’s most popular football player. Messi is in the 11th place with total earnings USD 39 million. His earns income USD 19 million through endorsements, which is about 4 m less than of Dhoni.

Rooney of Manchester United is placed at the 37th place with earnings of USD 24.3 million.

Sebia’s Djokovic, winner of 6 Grand Slams singles titles, takes the 62nd place with USD 20.6 million, Usain Bolt, Olympic 100m champion is in the 63rd place with USD 20.3 million.

Maria Sharapova, who is in the 26th rank is the richest woman among the women’s sportspersons with the earnings USD 27.9 million.

Roger Federer is in the 5th rank. David Beckham in 8th and Cristiano Ronaldo in 9th are the two soccer stars who are in the top-10.

TOP 10 Richest Sportspersons with earnings

1. Floyd Mayweather (Boxing) (USD 85 million)
2. Manny Pacquiao (Boxing) (USD 62 million)
3. Tiger Woods (Golf) (USD 59.4 million)
4. Lebron James (Basketball) (USD 53 million)
5. Roger Federer (Tennis) (USD 52.7 million)
6. Kobe Bryant (Basketball) (USD 52.3 million)
7. Phil Mickelson (Golf) (USD 47.8 million)
8. David Beckham (Soccer) (USD 46 million)
9. Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer) (USD 42.5 million)
10. Peyton Manning (American Football) (USD 42.4 million)

Other Notable Names

11. Lionel Messi (Soccer) (USD 39 million)
26. Maria Sharapova (Tennis) (USD 27.9 million)
31. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Cricket) (USD 26.5 million)
37. Wayne Rooney (Soccer) (USD 24.3 million)
62. Novak Djokovic (Tennis) (USD 20.6 million)
63. Usain Bolt (Athletics) (USD 20.3 million)
78. Sachin Tendulkar (Cricket) (USD 18.6 million).