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Satyamev Jayate episode 7 : Aamir talks about domestic violence

Mumbai, Jun 18 (): Aamir Khan’s ‘Satyamev Jayate’ that has entered into the seventh episode, dealt with domestic violence and the measures that could be made to deal it.

The opening speech given by Aamir implied the show is involved around ideal husbands and he said the show has only the male audiences. The humour was very soon changed to horror when ladies from different paces of life continued to share their experiences of domestic violence.

Snehalata Jadhav, the first lady to share her experiences on the show, removed the curtains from few widely thought beliefs. Most of the people in Indian society think that domestic violence occurs in the early years of marriage, but Snehalata’s explanation revealed she was experiencing torture even 15 years after her marriage. The decision of coming out of her marriage came late, but she said it’s better to be late than be never.

Some studies and researches also say about the existence of domestic violence in our society. The Satyamaev Jayate team visited Bhabha Hospital, which revealed almost 40% of women were admitted there for being tortured at home.

Rashmi Anand, councillor and writer shattered the idea that the domestic violence occurs with poor women only. She has gone through the domestic violence despite being coming from a privileged family. It was her courage that paved way and today she has turned into a successful writer.

Kamala Bhasin, women activist focussed on the role of our ancient traditions in creating a society with male dominated mind set. She sketched the roots of this problem to our age old conventions. She explained how a male is supposed to act in the society. She stressed on role of hereditary property in producing a situation for the domestic violence.

The Prevention of Women from Domestic Violence Act was also discussed; though the makers of SMJ hold back from getting into technicalities of the law.

Shanno Begum of New Delhi said she was harassed at home and also outside before she decided to learn driving as an occupation.

In the last segment, Aamir discussed the problem of domestic violence with the male members of the audience. The show ended with Meenal Jain’s heart touching ‘Gumshum na rahungi’ song.